Worst advert of the month: AA, Singing Baby

  • By Thomas Bridge
  • 31 Jul, 2017

Pray to god you never wake up rolling down a river with these two

It's difficult to know where to start with this advert.

As a general rule of thumb, singing babies is a big no no in any advertising campaign. The reason is that a digitally enhanced singing mouth super imposed onto a toddler's face is creepy, and looks much more like a horror film than a family ad.

The advert also features an hilariously sped up version of events where a car breaks down, and is back on the road within minutes. As anyone with a car will know, waiting for a breakdown service is a painful experience of lies and deceit whereby the van you're promised never shows up while you freeze your nuts off millimetres from an Indy 500 circuit. 

To add insult to injury, the dad in the ad pulls over for a flashing water light on his dashboard. Hands up who's pulled over and called the AA for a flashing water light? Thought not. When the cries of laughter from the AA phone operator had died down, we're sure they would tell you to drive home and take it to the garage like a normal person. Or just put some water in. 

A few more things:

  • The dad pulls into a layby on a motorway. Come again - a layby on a motorway? Hands up how many... - you know the drill. 
  • The AA man looks creepy. Dunno why, just does.
  • The car is unbadged. Why create a world where cars don't have brands. Mazda must be fuming that they're associated with this.
HOWEVER. This advert is currently winning loads of industry awards though, so what do we know.

Here's the ad:


By Thomas Bridge 18 Oct, 2017

Fake news, if you’re not aware, is a type of yellow journalism whereby deliberate misinformation is broadcasted as news and spread in various formats e.g. traditional methods or online social media.

What does this mean for recruitment marketing?

Recent changes to Facebook’s permissions have meant that users are no longer able to modify the image or text on link previews.

Facebook is one, if not the most used social media platform out there. - it’s a no brainer that recruiters will target people through the site.

With no ability to change the look and feel of posts, branding may go out the window.

Here’s what you can do to get the most out of your company's Facebook page:

Use the right images on your site

To keep up with these changes, we can advise that recruitment marketers ensure that the right images are always tagged to the right pages. Having the right image tagged in the metadata ensures that the correct image appears in the link preview.

This helps with branding and avoids confusion, so viewers won’t be met with the wrong information - just like the Oscars  best picture blunder   earlier this year.

Make the most of the meta

Metadata on the site needs to be posted to perfection. As Facebook has removed users ability to customise link preview information, such as titles, it’s important to get it right on the back end of the site.

It’s imperative that you have clear titles on pages such as job posts to ensure you get the most out of your update. A typical job post header should include job title, location and sector - along with your organisations name.

Metadata can easily be updated on any site editor. Whilst this is only a slight change to resolve a massive issue, it is most definitely a step in the right direction to combat Facebook’s fight against fake news.

If we, as recruitment marketers, get ahead of the game and educate ourselves on privacy changes now, it will help us in the future when other social platforms e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn join Facebook’s privacy changes.

Additionally, it keeps your Facebook profile looking professional and attractive to candidates and clients.

Most importantly, it’s an addition to the European and Global drive to increase protection of consumers’ data. This is in line with the preparations for May 2018, when the new  GDPR  comes into place.

What are your thoughts?

By Thomas Bridge 18 Oct, 2017

Cleverly titled, my face my rules, really shows that anyone and everyone can wear makeup in order to embrace who they are. Whether you are male or female, a little bit of makeup can improve your confidence - we’re not saying that we need to wear it (obviously) but it can really give you the confidence to feel fabulous.

This advert is great as it shows a diverse range of individuals from all walks of life. The ad is set in various different locations including an office toilet and council estate. It embraces diversity by showing its products on people from all walks of life.

Individuality is important in today’s society and appealing to a young, diverse audience is a must. It seems that Sleek have hit the nail on the head with this advert. The models used, included a black, trans person shows their openness to diversity in their product.

My face my rules features real people,with various Youtube bloggers featuring in the video. Unlike other makeup adverts, it seems that Sleek have not airbrushed it’s models or altered their appearance, which makes us love it even more!

If you want to be inspired by some kickass makeup, then watch Sleek’s advert here:


By Thomas Bridge 18 Oct, 2017

The first time I saw the advert I honestly didn’t believe it was a real product.

Complete with a tacky golden toilet, several shots of the narrator on the seat, and cringeworthy innuendos like ‘punish the porcelain’, ‘bombed’, and ‘devil’s donuts’, Airwick’s V.I.Poo advert has definitely pushed the boundaries.  

Let’s not ignore the sexist undertone of this ad either. Surprise surprise, the main character is a woman and only men enter the bathroom after her, each judging the smell that she leaves behind. Because god forbid a woman would do a POO!

Who said women aren’t allowed to poo in the first place? Yet another multinational company reinforcing insecurities among women. This is a far cry from Glade’s witty ‘ Poo at Paul’s ’ - Airwick, we expected better you.

If, for some reason, you want to watch this appalling advert, you can view it here:


By Thomas Bridge 12 Oct, 2017
We're growing like crazy over here and the latest addition to the special opps team is fashionista and blogger, Olivia. 

Olivia grew up in Greater Manchester and went to college in Swindon where she studied business, psychology and English literature and language, before realising she wanted to pursue a career in digital marketing. In the pursuit of escaping Swindon, Olivia found her way to the MMA office.

At MMA, Olivia is the youngest of the team and the newest member of the Special Ops team.

Outside of work, Olivia has a very keen interest in fashion and travel which prompted her to start writing her own blog. Unlike the rest of the MMA team, Olivia will not be found in the gym. She is more likely to be found in a local bar with an absolute passion to hand.

If you want to get in touch with Olivia you can reach her on olivia@magdalenmarketing.com or call 01865 340 737.
By Thomas Bridge 09 Oct, 2017

MMA welcomes the newest addition to the comms team, Jantima Dorothy Merola - otherwise known as  J (or J-Dawg).

Jantima has recently graduated from Oxford Brookes University, with an upper second class honor in English literature. She loves to put her writing skills to practice when creating content for our clients.

Ethics are important to Jantima and she aims to do something meaningful in life. She has previously worked for the NHS and ethical brands such as Lush. MMA has chosen her to be CSR lead due to her interest in charitable causes.

Out of the office, Jantima is passionate about cooking and runs her own vegan food Instagram page - follow her here.

Stay tuned for some amazing content!

Get in touch with Jantima:

E.  jantima@magdalenmarketing.com

li.  Jantima Merola

By Thomas Bridge 23 Aug, 2017

Unless you’re still recovering from your company’s Christmas drinks party, you’ll have heard about something called GDPR, which will change the way all data is held across Europe.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and will implement a new set of data standards which all companies that store the data of European citizens have to adhere to.

By implementing GDPR, the European Union aims to strengthen the control individuals have over their personal data whilst closing any loopholes - simultaneously increasing the obligations companies have towards protecting the personal data of European citizens.

GDPR brings a completely new set of challenges for the recruitment industry - there is a lot of uncertainty about how companies can ensure they become GDPR compliant by May 2018.

Exactly no-one within the EU has thought for a second how this will affect our wonderful recruitment industry, so here is MMA’s regularly updated guide of what we know at present.

To talk now about how Magdalen Marketing Agency (MMA) can help with your recruitment business’ GDPR protection, call 01865 57 59 61 or email help@magdalenmarketing.com

1. Will the UK adhere to GDPR despite Brexit? 

It seems like escaping the EU’s grasp won’t be that easy. The GDPR goes live in May 2018 and the UK will still be part of the EU at that time, requiring the UK’s organisations to become GDPR compliant. However, if the UK will still adopt the GDPR post-Brexit will be dependant on the UK’s relationship with the EU. If the UK remains a member of the EEA after Brexit, then UK companies might encounter some minor challenges when choosing their declaring their ‘main establishment’ as required by the GDPR. Other than that, the same regulations will continue to apply post-Brexit. On the other hand, if the UK leaves the EEA post-Brexit, then the GDPR will no longer apply in the UK. This means that transferring data from EU member states will be illegal without additional layers of security such as consent or contracts. In this scenario, the UK might seek an adequacy decision from the EU, granting it prerogatives similar to GDPR. If there’s no adequacy decision set in place by the time the UK leaves the EU and EEA, it could mean organisations will have to set up safeguards as a temporary solution.

2. Will organisations still be able to collect and process personal data?

Yes, but the legal bases used to justify collecting and processing personal data will change. The new regulation requires companies to be transparent and inform individuals when and why their data is being collected, processed or transferred. If the individual’s informal agreement would suffice until this point, the new regulation requires companies to obtain strict, distinguishable, consent from individuals. Separate consent must be provided by the individual for different processing activities. For example, if a candidate has forwarded his personal information for a vacancy, his data must not be used for unrelated purposes.

3.Will companies still be able to share data with other parties?

Sharing data with other parties will be heavily regulated. A GDPR-compliant data sharing agreement will be required If your company shares data with third parties, such as payroll or umbrella companies. Additionally, the policies on using data from job boards will need to be carefully reviewed.

4. Do I need to amend existing contracts?

Contracts with all those whom you share data will have to be reviewed and possibly amended to ensure they meet GDPR requirements. This might trigger debates related to candidate ownership, so it is best to open the discussion before the EU’s deadline.

5.What about third parties managing data on my behalf?

Data processors who handle personal data on behalf of other companies will be directly responsible for their own GDPR compliance while managing data for their clients, and they might risk additional sanctions for noncompliance. Under the current legislation, these data processors have very few obligations.  

6. Will my organisation have to implement additional layers of security?

GDPR also requires companies to implement a specific level of security which must be considered appropriate to the risk. This includes measures such as: the ability to measure the resilience of data processing systems; the ability to restore data in event of an incident; processes to regularly test and evaluate the effectiveness of security measures.

7.What if I am operating internationally?

Companies operating internationally would have to determine the lead data protection supervisory authority. If your company is processing data originating from multiple countries, you should analyse where you company is making most of the processing activities and this will help you identify the lead supervisory authority.

8. Will I still be able to filter candidates automatically?

GDPR won’t ban automated data processing, but it will require companies to increase the level of security which they use to handle data. If automated systems are used to filter candidates on bases such as grades or qualifications, then the candidate's consent must be obtained.

9. Will I need to change anything about the way I’m processing data?

Companies which have automated their data processes must implement the technical measures to ensure any factors leading to skewed data, errors or inaccuracies are reduced to a minimum.

10. Is there any change regarding data containing sensitive information about candidates?

If the decision to employ a candidate is based on sensitive information such as ethnicity or sexual orientation, then the candidate’s explicit consent is required in order to be GDPR compliant. Additionally, companies should not use automated processing software to filter out candidates based on sensitive personal information as this would be considered unlawful discrimination.

11. Would executive search firms have to make changes to their process?

Executive search firms and their in-house teams will have to become GDPR compliant if they operate within the EU, they process personal data of candidates which are EU citizens, or store personal information in databases or spreadsheets.

12. Do I need to be able to provide evidence of consent being granted by candidates?

Companies will be required to keep track and provide evidence that consent has been granted, if required. Under the new legislation, consent is defined as offering individuals the ability to positively opt-in. Pre-ticked boxed, silence or inactivity isn’t considered adequate consent under the GDPR. Companies must also ensure a transparent opt-out option is readily available. Additionally, consent must be a clear or affirmative action; freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous.

13. Do I have to proactively inform individuals about their new rights granted by the GDPR?

Organisations will have to inform individuals of their rights to withdraw consent and be forgotten at any time. Furthermore, individuals must be made aware of their rights to have access to their personal data and be informed about changes made to it.

14. Would existing consent still be valid under the new regulation?

Organisations will be required to update existing consents to check if they comply with the GDPR. If not, new consent must be obtained from the individual.

15. Can I still send a speculative CV to a potential client?

If the candidate has provided consent for the recruiter to share his information with a third party for this purpose, then yes. However, from what we know until this point, consent would have to be obtained from the candidate if the potential client wants to use his personal information and process his application.

16. Can my website still auto-send jobs to registered candidates?

If candidates opted in for this after signing up, then yes. The system that is in place right now would still work (i.e candidates opt in for jobs in the sectors they’re interested in). If candidates have provided consent for Agribusiness/Construction jobs only, then recruiters should be able to send automatic updates with new jobs.

17. Can I mass email a job to candidates from our database?

If the job is from a sector the candidate has provided their consent for, then recruiters should still be allowed to send out a job to all the candidates matching the criterias. Emailing it to all candidates your database might be considered a breach of the GDPR. Or just spam.

To ask us a GDPR question, please use the comment box below and we’ll get right back to you.

To talk about how Magdalen Marketing Agency (MMA) can help with your recruitment business’ GDPR protection, call 01865 57 59 61 or email help@magdalenmarketing.com
By Thomas Bridge 23 Aug, 2017

Okay, we admit it we’ve cheated a bit here. This advert first came out in April last year, but we  don’t care because we LOVE it.

It’s fun, weird and doesn’t make sense, add in music that repeats over and over in your head all day and there you have it, the recipe for perfect craziness.

The idea that there are little factories of fun inside every sweet is great, again we have no idea who comes up with these bizarre adverts but we live for them. I'd chose having a sweet life if I could. 

At the end of the day, it just makes you happy and who doesn’t love that feel good factor!

Here’s the ad:


By Thomas Bridge 23 Aug, 2017

Drumroll please...this month the title of worst advert goes to The Great British Bake Off, which brings great sadness to the office.

Long gone are the days of clean cut Mary Berry and the infamous GBBO tent, having been replaced with quite frankly some scary talking pastries. It’s all just a bit creepy. With an eery song playing in the background and grumpy looking dough sighing along, it just doesn’t do it for us. Do we all stand together in dislike?

Although we understand the idea of the concept, all different types of baking uniting together and so on, it’s not patriotically British for which Bake Off is known. Whether you love it or hate it this is definitely an advert that will get you talking, even if its voicing your heartbreak that Mel and Sue are no more.

Just to add:

1. Why does the soufflé look like it has had one too many vinos and is spewing its guts up?

2. Are there two bread women getting a golden tan in the oven? What are they? 

Or do we just hate it because Mel and Sue are no more?

Here’s the ad:


By Thomas Bridge 23 Aug, 2017

It’s a question that literally no one has asked me, but just in case you’re super bored in the slow news summer (!) holidays, here’s where we are at MMA:

Recruitment Databases

Everyone seems to be talking about Bond Adapt at the moment. 2 or 3 firms are considering it, 2 or 3 firms are moving to it, and 1 firm last week says it keeps crashing their Outlook and are moving away from it. Recruitment databases are a funny thing. Exactly zero of our c25 clients like their database.

The only firm that used to like their database did so because it was Russian tech from the 70s (Cardbox) and was just nailed on for what it needed after decades of tailoring. We started telling people it was the only one that a client was happy with, although we didn’t recommend it as you probably need an old Amstrad to fire it up. The moment we started regaling this anecdote we get a call the next week from the MD: Guys, we’re moving away from Cardbox, what do you recommend?

Our advice is to make the most of what you’ve got before you move away. We’re currently working with clients on RDB, Bullhorn, Bond, Invenius, Profile, Filefinder, Firefish, so we know that sometimes you have to ask for what others have before you get given it. If you just phone up and tell them a problem you either get a no or a big quote.

On the non-specific side, we recommend Capsule, thanks to Steve of Melber Flinn. We use it here and it does the job, and is only £8 per month per license.

Of course, the mecca is to have your database on the back of your website. It something we’re working on here - to create an integrated website and database product. This time next year…

We’re Growing

In order to deliver to our best potential for the new clients coming on board, we’ve had to hire three new team members recently:

Enrikas - Senior Web Developer

Phil Nyatanga - Head of SEO

Rhiannon Davies - Head of Social Media

This motley trio have joined our current rabble of:

Chelsea Battle - Head of eMarketing

Raquel Fernandez - Head of Graphic Design

Shena Searle - Data & Research Manager

Tom Pegler - Head of Web Development

Eduard Chilcos - Head of PPC Advertising

Thomas Bridge - Head of Hot Beverage Production

We’re also looking at three more hires in the coming weeks (PR, web and marketing), so we may have to get a bigger kettle.

It's all about Instagram

We picked up a FTSE 250 client off Linkedin a few weeks ago, so social media works. Sometimes though, it can get a bit depressing doing an update, and unless you’re a screaming narcissist talking about whether to go to the office on a sunday or blowing smoke on a colleague, getting very few likes / comments.

Enter Instagram. We’ve been doing it for us for a few weeks (thanks to Rhiannon Davies) and have got more followers on Instagram in days than we have on Linkedin in almost a year. Now, whether anything converts is another matter, although we did have one lead from someone asking for our business deets. We weren’t sure if he wanted to sell to us or vice versa - but show me someone who says they don’t like a new follower or like on a major social media platform, and I’ll show you a liar.

As ever, if you think you might have something MMA can help with, please do call the office on 01865 688 777. You can also email

help@magdalenmarketing.com .

Our promise is this: if we’re not right, we won’t waste your time telling you we are, and ultimately disappointing you. Instead, we’ll point you in the right direction to a firm better than us at that particular requirement.

Thomas Bridge is the Head of Hot Beverage Production at MMA

By Thomas Bridge 23 Aug, 2017

It’s an age old question: if you absolutely had to choose your favourite child, which one would he/she be?

And just like deep down everyone know’s who’d get their parental vote, so it is for the king and queen of luxurious white goods: the dishwasher and tumble dryer.

It’s the  great debate  sweeping the nation, and it’s finally hit Nuneham Courtenay in deepest darkest Oxfordshire!

So, if you had to choose just one from dishwasher and tumble dryer, which would you choose?

Just like the blue / gold dress situation, it’s divided us right down the line, with both sides provoking impassioned defences (and attacks).

Here’s what we have to say - we’ve also asked some of our friends from the recruitment sector!

Tell us what you think - use the comment box below!

Team MMA:

Chelsea Battle, Head of eMarketing / Social Secretary

“I’ve never been a user of tumble dryers, so the dishwasher definitely gets my vote! Living in a shared house can get really messy and throwing everything in the dishwasher can help avoid a lot of arguments! I’m also scared that a tumble dryer would shrink my clothes.”

The score: Dishwasher 1 - 0 Tumble Dryer

Rhiannon, Head of Social Media

"Let's be honest who wants to wash dirty dishes? So much effort when you can just put it in the dishwasher. At least with clothes all you have to do is hang them up rather than getting your hands dirty. Also why would I want to risk washing my fresh coat of fake tan off? No thank you.”

The score: Dishwasher 2 - 0 Tumble Dryer

Raquel Fernandes, Head of Graphic Design, Brand & Logo

“I really like washing up and find it rather therapeutic! Bit of thinking time or Netflix on the iPad. Having said that, I also like having the laundry out because it makes the whole place smell lovely. I could honestly live without both. Hmmmmm. I'm going to bin the dishwasher and keep the tumble dryer. Washing up is cheaper than professional therapy and tumble dried clothes require less ironing (now that is something I would easily eradicate from life!).”

The score: Dishwasher 2 - 1 Tumble Dryer

Shena Searle, Head of Data & Research / Company Gardener / Tom’s mum

"Do you know, I have never had a dishwasher in any of the houses I have lived at. However, when Tom was young we had a tumble dryer in the utility room and it was a godsend - he was a very messy little boy.”

The score: Dishwasher 2 - 2 Tumble Dryer

Richard Searle, Chief MMA Handyman / Shena’s husband / Tom’s stepdad

“Whatever Shena has said, I agree wholeheartedly with, because I want an easy life.”

The score: Dishwasher 2 - 3 Tumble Dryer

Enrikas, Lead Web Developer

“You can wash dishes by hand but cannot do anything about wet clothes except for sitting idly by, waiting for the clothes to dry. If time is a constriction then the dishwasher would be the ideal choice, however washing the dishes does not take up a huge amount of time. If a situation were to arise where there is a mountain of dishes to wash and a mountain of clothes to dry, having a tumble dryer would allow you to deal with both of them, however without it, you would need to wait for the clothes to dry. This can be a hinderance to those who have limited living space and are forced to dry their clothes indoors, constricting the space to move about even more”

The score: Dishwasher 2 - 4 Tumble Dryer

Phil, Head of SEO / Office DJ

“I mean, is this even a question? Dishwasher all day everyday! Think about it, you would use a dishwasher EVERYDAY instead of once or twice per week with a tumble dryer. I’d much rather sit down and have the dishwasher do all the work and not get my hands all wet a soapy. Plus, you can always use a washing line or clothes horse, easy!”

The score: Dishwasher 3 - 4 Tumble Dryer

Tom Pegler, Senior Web Developer

“Washing dishes takes little to no time as long as they’re done as soon as you’re finished with them. Living in a flat means that drying clothes can take hours. When I can only really get washing and ironing done on the weekend, I can’t spend the entire weekend waiting for clothes to dry. Tumble Dryer wins it for me.”

The score: Dishwasher 3 - 5 Tumble Dryer

Eduard Chilcos, Head of PPC & Advertising / Resident Robot

“Nods in agreement after listening to Tom Pegler. Has nothing to add.”

The score: Dishwasher 3 - 6 Tumble Dryer

Rob Jessel, Head of PR

“I am very fond of my dishwasher - usually very efficient. However she is less good at washing & drying my clothes - I never seem to have clean socks.”

The score: Dishwasher 4 - 6 Tumble Dryer

Ryan Dawson, Company Mascot

“I hate suds... washing plates with cold slimed food in just isn't for me. Standing there washing away my previous night’s dinner as I couldn't be bothered to do it last night along with today's dishes is such a chore! I end up getting my t-shirt soaked in old bean juice so then I have to change that! Just load up that dishwasher and see you later! I'm off down the pub.”

The score: Dishwasher 5 - 6 Tumble Dryer

Thomas Bridge, Founder / Head of Hot Beverage Production

“For me, this is a no-brainer and anyone who thinks differently is clearly insane. Tumble dryer all day long. I actually quite like washing up - a bit like ironing, hoovering or a decent run; you get some good thinking done on the job and then the endorphins kick in and make you feel great afterwards - you can’t buy that kind of happiness! I also think it takes longer to load and unload the dishwasher than we all think, and half the time I seem to have to wash bits up anyway that the dishwasher missed. I live in a flat with no outside space so I need the TD to keep me clothed in dry garments. Sorry DW, but it’s a no from me. Let the tumble see the dryer.”

The score: Dishwasher 5 - 7 Tumble Dryer

Friends of MMA:

Jo Hodge, Marketing Manager, TPP

"It’s no contest. I’m a young mum of three - I do have a tumble dryer which I think I’ve used three times. Each and every time, things come out smaller than they went in (& it's definitely not me using it incorrectly!) The dishwasher on the other hand, I simply cannot live without. It’s used a minimum twice a day  for things like sterilising baby bottles and other glamorous tasks. You can stick clothes on a line - one thing I’ve learned about baby bottles is that they don’t clean themselves & with double the amount  (with twins) I definitely don't have time for that!"

The score: Dishwasher 6 - 7 Tumble Dryer

Russell, Head of Finance, TPP

"Don’t get me started. I think the TDs are absolutely right - it’s got to be tumble dryer."

The score: Dishwasher 6 - 8 Tumble Dryer

Brittany Seabrook, Norman Broadbent Interim Management

"This is a tough one but will have to go with Dishwasher! I hate doing the dishes after cooking for hours!"

The score: Dishwasher 7 - 8 Tumble Dryer

Amy Witchalls, Research Associate and Executive Assistant - Princedale Partners

“DISHWASHER ALL DAY ERRYDAY. I’m a lazy slob and there’s nothing worse than washing dishes. I don’t mind having a clothes horse because it makes my flat smell like clean washing.”

The score: Dishwasher 8 - 8 Tumble Dryer

Conor O’Callaghan, CEO , Millar Cameron

“I have no opinion, please refer the question to my domestic staff.”

The score: Dishwasher 8 - 8 Tumble Dryer

Lisa Gills, Associate Director, DNA Recruit

“The dishwasher has my vote. I’d escape the constant battle of dry hands and breaking nails, ridiculously clean crockery and sparkling glassware….it's turning me on just thinking about it.

Tumbledryers are a waste of energy as well as space. Hang your sheets and towels  in the garden on the washing line, never air your clean pants in public! The cost to run one of those bad buys outweighs the benefits in my book.”

The score: Dishwasher 9 - 8 Tumble Dryer

Nubia Coleman, Marketing and Sales Support Executive, IDPP

“Hahahahha very good debate! I really do not like dishwashers , but I know they can save a lot of water and this is good for the planet!”

The score: Dishwasher 10 - 8 Tumble Dryer

Bev Battle the first, Chelsea’s Mum

“The Tumble Dryer wins it for me. It's no problem to do the washing up but if you want to get your bedding or your towels dry in the winter it would be much more beneficial - but that's just me.”

The score: Dishwasher 10 - 9 Tumble Dryer

The Final Result!

Cor blimey guv’nor the dishwasher has only gone and won it, by a gnat’s wing.

Dishwasher 10 - 9 Tumble Dryer

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