Website Management

Website Management

Magdalen Marketing Agency (MMA) offers the full mix of website management services, from full management of all back-end activities (!) to a role confined to heavy lifting requiring a frighteningly young IT whizz.  

In between, we can handle the majority of activities and train one or two people in your organisation to become a super-user at the easier, day-to-day stuff, who can then take on the responsibility and educate others. 

Examples of lighter lifting include:
  • Uploading blogs / news
  • Adding new team members 
  • Creating new users 
  • Editing images
  • Uploading PDFs and documents 
Examples of heavy lifting include:
  • Automation to social media
  • Database integration
  • Website migration to new CMS
  • New website
  • Additional functionality eg candidate registration, automated emails 
  • Hosting
Whatever your requirements, we’ll let you know what’s best for you to keep doing whilst we’ll only take on the more complicated stuff. We don’t believe in confusing you with website techno-babble, so you can rest assured that you’ll always get a clear picture and a straight answer.


A fully-functioning marketing strategy is like a football team; there are both defensive and offensive activities. At MMA we believe that you should always sort your defence before you go on the attack - it might take longer to click but there'll be greater reward in the long run.


Paying over the odds for your website to be maintained and updated with content? You're not alone. MMA trains you to upload what you can and does the heavy lifting on the tricky stuff. No jargon, no technical talk, just honest, straight forward advice.


Want to showcase your best candidates in front of your target clients, but not sure how? MMA specialises in creating tailored case studies and direct email marketing powered by comprehensive database segmentation - maximising your chances of success.
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