Take control of conjugated verbs and subjunctive clauses with MMA.

Ensure there are no hidden gremlins with our copywriting, content writing, spellchecking and proofreading services.

No one likes a bore, worse still a pedant. But whether we like it or not, some people place great emphasis on spelling and grammar in business communication - and some might say rightly so.

Their reasoning is simple; if you don’t apply attention to detail to the words you are using to speak to me, how can I trust you to pay attention to detail with the huge piece of business I’m thinking of putting your way.

Worth making sure that apostrophe is in the right place then.

MMA offers a full range of copywriting services, from spell-checking, proofreading and transcribing to copy and content writing. Better still, we know how to write in “business-speak”. 

This is because we’re founded by an english literature graduate who went on to become a business owner, running his own catering company employing 30 people for eight years in his 20s - before he turned to the dark side and went into marketing in the years after. 

This empathy - from having been on the receiving end of B2B marketing communications - is permeated throughout MMA and instilled in all our employees. So we won’t just tell you the difference between it’s and its, we’ll proactively advise you on different words to use to increase your chances of success. 


A fully-functioning marketing strategy is like a football team; there are both defensive and offensive activities. At MMA we believe that you should always sort your defence before you go on the attack - it might take longer to click but there'll be greater reward in the long run.


Paying over the odds for your website to be maintained and updated with content? You're not alone. MMA trains you to upload what you can and does the heavy lifting on the tricky stuff. No jargon, no technical talk, just honest, straight forward advice.


Want to showcase your best candidates in front of your target clients, but not sure how? MMA specialises in creating tailored case studies and direct email marketing powered by comprehensive database segmentation - maximising your chances of success.
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