Introducing MMA

Introducing Magdalen Marketing Agency (MMA)

A message from Founder Thomas Bridge

Magdalen Marketing Agency (MMA) is a digital marketing agency specialising in the uber-cool world of recruitment. 

We hard launched on Friday 21st October 2016, although the company had been developed over the previous six months - since I left my role as a permanent Marketing & Operations Director at a well established, well respected executive headhunting firm.

In these six months I performed two interim roles, both for B2B professional services firms (I told you it was where all the cool people are).

One constant during this time was people from my personal and professional network asking me to help them with small pieces of work, such as hosting or building a website, creating an online brochure, writing them copy or setting them up with a database to name but four. This was generally been for new companies but a handful were been well established SMEs. Some of the work I had to pass on as I was too busy on an interim assignment.

Another constant over the previous six or so years was how disappointed I’d been with the majority of agencies I’d used, from Brand and IT to SEO, PR and Digital. I’d seen it all - from being invoiced for hosting which wasn’t actually happening (and then being lied to about it), PR companies charging £2k per month for sending a few emails and SEO companies charging £1000 per month for no measurable, visible output. I’d even seen a margin applied to every email sent to a 100k contact database, despite the fact the actual newsletter was paid for.

A third constant during this time was the indifferent form of Wycombe Wanderers, but that’s another matter.

Which leads me to MMA, and the reason why it was created. MMA specialises in B2B professional services, and we aim to help companies do business through everything but the telephone. We’re proud to say we’re new, different and competitive.

One thing we’re keen to be is fun - as all marketing should be. I've enjoyed doing the marketing agency work more than the interim assignments - it's more fun working with lots of companies simultaneously than just one all the time - which is another reason why MMA was set up.

Feel free to take a look at our website and send me your feedback - I have thick skin so don’t be shy. We’re a small mobile team at present but the plan is to get a specialist in every area of expertise as we grow.

We’re lucky enough to work with some challenging clients already but if your organisation is looking for a fresh approach or you know one that is, we’d love to be in the room.



Thomas Bridge

l. /thomasbridgemma
t. 01865 688 777 


A fully-functioning marketing strategy is like a football team; there are both defensive and offensive activities. At MMA we believe that you should always sort your defence before you go on the attack - it might take longer to click but there'll be greater reward in the long run.


Paying over the odds for your website to be maintained and updated with content? You're not alone. MMA trains you to upload what you can and does the heavy lifting on the tricky stuff. No jargon, no technical talk, just honest, straight forward advice.


Want to showcase your best candidates in front of your target clients, but not sure how? MMA specialises in creating tailored case studies and direct email marketing powered by comprehensive database segmentation - maximising your chances of success.
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